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Why Clients Choose AMG

Let Our Team take your Security Service to the next level

Whether our clients seek adhoc security, ongoing security or concierge and event services our team is ready for your call 24/7 to support your security and safety needs on site.

Security Officers

Trained and Professional Security Officers On Call and ready to service your location and needs

Compliant with KPIs in every service

Every Contract and Service that requires security has specific targets and methods to measure that service. We not only comply with your KPIs but set high level KPI standards in every part of our services.

Patrol Services

Whether it is for Alarm Response, Adhoc Patrols, or ongoing Patrol Checks. Our services are live and include all proof of patrol services.

Concierge & Apartment Staff

Whether you have a managed apartment or need highly customer service focussed Concierge Services, we have a whole range of specialised personnel to assist.


Australian owned and operated since 2018 and founded and built from security professionals with decades of experience Nationally in the security industry AMG Security was made for the sole purpose of providing a professional and compliant security company who is known for both its level of service and quality of staff.

At AMG we know that building our staff and teams builds quality for our clients and each member of out team is an integral part of our business and a brand ambassador for our organisation. Each service provided by one of our staff is a representation of the quality of service we seek to offer. We support our clients and staff through electronic reporting and compliance systems to ensure before we service others in security and safety that our level of service is at the highest standard.

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We Take Pride in Our Success


24/7 Operations


Industry Trained Staff


ISO Compliant


Award Paying Company


100 % Australian Owned

Service Management Experts

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Clients choose AMG Security because we have industry trained staff paid on award rates and service our clients 24/7 days with professionalism and under ISO Compliant Systems.

Further to our level of provision we self manage our compliance and standards and KPIs on top of the KPIs we service for our clients. Coupled then with our electronic reporting and tailored solutions we offer a truly professional and robust service offering to every company that uses our services. That's why clients choose AMG.